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Barcode of Life


During 2008 researchers agreed on a strategy to barcode 100,000 marine species by the end of 2010 and on barcode regions for fungi and plants, and leading laboratories joined to prepare a 5-year, $150 million global proposal to extend the library to 500,000 species. Sloan plans to continue to support the Consortium to maintain exponential growth of the library. Only proposals central and indispensable to this aim will be considered.

Interested grantseekers with a relevant project idea should email a one page letter of inquiry to Program Director Jesse Ausubel.  Before submitting a letter of inquiry, please review the Foundation's guidelines on what we do not fund.

For more information about Alfred P. Sloan Foundation grant application guidelines and procedures, visit our Apply for Grants page.  

Program Director:
Gail M. Pesyna Bio