Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Economic Institutions, Behavior and Performance


Successful grant applications to the Foundation's program in Economic Institutions, Behavior and Performance have several features in common. Typically, they are:

  • Empirical and hypothesis-driven.
  • Policy-relevant, but neither “policy research” nor advocacy.
  • Motivated by non-ideological questions rather than preconceived answers.
  • Engaged with fundamental puzzles but using fresh approaches.
  • Unbiased, statistically significant, and replicable.
  • Careful about baselines, controls, and econometrics.
  • Savvy about markets, institutions, transaction costs, regulatory arbitrage, etc.
  • Contributors to research infrastructure, datasets, or resources for general use.
  • Generators of highly-cited results in high-quality journals.
  • Ultimately concerned with the quality of life in the United States.

The Foundation encourages projects by multidisciplinary teams where appropriate.

Interested researchers with a relevant project idea should email a one page letter of inquiry to Daniel Goroff.  When submitting a letter of inquiry to the program, please indicate which sub-program best fits your research project.  Before submitting a letter of inquiry, please review the Foundation's guidelines on what we do not fund.

For more information on letters of inquiry and other Alfred P. Sloan Foundation grant application procedures, visit our Apply for Grants page.

Program Director:
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