Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

For the last several years, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation has made a growing number of grants related to energy economics, energy technology, energy resources, and energy security, motivated by gaps in understanding about the economic, environmental, and security effects of ongoing changes in the energy supply and demand system, technological change, and public policies aimed at mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. To address this challenge, the Foundation’s Energy and Environment program was created to advance understanding about the economic, environmental, security, and policy tradeoffs associated with the increased deployment of low-and no-carbon resources and technologies across the energy system and identify the resulting impacts on the quality of American life.

The program will make progress toward achieving this overarching goal through the following five core outcome areas:

  • Generate Novel Research and Knowledge: The main focus of this program is to build an impartial science, technology, engineering, economic, and policy knowledge base as a public good.
  • Train Next Generation of Scholars and Practitioners: An important component of this program is introducing new voices into the field and training the next generation of individuals capable of anticipating and addressing energy challenges and opportunities.
  • Build Multidisciplinary Networks and Communities: Grantmaking aims to strengthen existing research networks and create longstanding communities of practice that will endure beyond the program’s timeline.
  • Educate Stakeholders and Disseminate Information for Decision-Making: Appropriate grantees will be engaged to apply impartial research findings to inform the development of policies and practices that address the deployment of low- and no-carbon technologies and resources.
  • Attract Additional Resources: This program aims to seed new ideas that stimulate additional support for research on these topics by government, industry, and philanthropy.

Due to the significant funding available from both public and private sources for energy and environmental research, the Foundation is very selective in the grants it makes in this area. Support is only provided for non-partisan, balanced, evidence-based analysis, and the Foundation does not and will not support energy policy advocacy.  Using the energy system as a guiding framework, the Foundation will target investigating previously underexplored research questions in select areas related to energy sources (supply), energy transmission and distribution, energy use (demand), and other cross-cutting systemic opportunities. 

Program Officer:
Evan S. Michelson Bio