Alfred P. Sloan Foundation



A brief letter of inquiry, preferably via email is the best way to gauge whether there is any potential interest in your project.  Telephone inquiries are not accepted.

A formal application packet should include:

  • The main argument for the book, including what else has been published in this area and why your book is needed (no more than 20 pages double spaced; shorter is better)
  • Outline for the book
  • Sample chapter
  • A publisher agreement or strong letter of support
  • A budget
  • A CV
  • Copy of relevant previous book or previous work


Completed application packets should be emailed to Program Director Doron Weber or mailed to his attention at the offices of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

For more information about Alfred P. Sloan Foundation grant application guidelines and procedures, visit our Apply for Grants page.

Program Director:
Doron Weber Bio