Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

New Media

The Foundation also sponsors innovative efforts using a range of media and other platforms to reach a broad, cross-cultural audience or to target specific segments of the public to enhance public understanding.  These efforts may take the form of conferences, multimedia events, performances,  ebooks, interactive games, science and arts festivals, and more. 

Recent grants have supported a documentary film about the avant garde opera Einstein on the Beach; an interactive ebook on the science of DNA and its role in overturning wrongful convictions that was developed by the New York Hall of Science; The Secret Lives of Scientists, a spin-off of the Sloan-supported NOVA ScienceNOW, commissioned and funded exclusively by Sloan as a web-based experiment; seed grants administered by the MIT Museum to launch new science festivals in communities with small resource bases; an iPad App based on the popular Sloan-supported NOVA show Hunting the Elements; talks, performances, and presentations on the role of beauty and aesthetics in Darwin's theories of selection; the annual World Science Festival; and an interactive virtual chemistry set for iPads called ChemCrafter developed by the Chemical Heritage Foundation.

Program Director:
Doron Weber Bio