Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Anytime, Anyplace Learning

Recent grants in this program include:

Organization NameProject DirectorProject Title
University of Central Florida Joel L. Hartman Support for the project to expand their ALN effort with special focus on local population.
Babson College Elaine Allen Support to continue Sloan-C surveys of online education.
Stevens Institute of Technology Robert N. Ubell Support to expand ALN programs with local corporations.
Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering John Bourne Support to continue and expand services provided by Sloan-C operations for ALN providers.
Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering John Bourne Support for first annual Sloan-C International Symposium for Emerging Technology Applications in Online Education.
New School University Linda Dunne Support to add new online courses so that their Liberal Arts B.A. is 50% online.
Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering John Bourne Funding for Sloan-C activities which support the ALN teaching community.
University of Illinois at Chicago Clark Hulse Support for UIC to initiate a strong effort aimed at providing mixed online/classroom (blended) full degree programs for Chicago area local students.
Purdue University Dale Harris Support for a statewide network anchored at 13 Purdue sites across the state of Indiana to provide blended engineering education statewide tuned for professionals in manufacturing.
Estrella Mountain Community College Polly Maxfield Miller Support for a project that will result in over 50 new blended courses for local learners.
National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges Bob Samors Support for a project to have university presidents and chancellors better understand the strategic possibilities of ALN.
Golden Gate University Barbara Karlin Support for conversion of 96 courses to blend ALN for local learners.
New Mexico State University Foundation Carmen L. Gonzales Support for a New Mexico-based ALN project aimed at American Indians in pueblos.
Simmons College Susan C. Scrimshaw Support for a Local Area (Blended) Program for the Boston area.
League for Innovation in the Community College Stella Perez Support to move project SAIL (Specialty Asynchronous Industry Learning), an online marketplace for buying, selling and exchanging online courses (with or without a faculty instructor) and to make it self-sufficient.
Rutgers University Mary Gatta Support to continue consulting, sharing of practices and training to states so that online training becomes a commonly available option for low-wage workers across the country.
University of Southern Maine Robert Hansen To develop 45 new ALN and Blended Courses and Programs
University of Illinois at Springfield Harry J. Berman Support for development and implementation of 40 courses within three Local Area-ALN (Blended) degree programs and one certificate program.
Pennsylvania State University Craig Weidermann Support for work with US Department of Labor to set up a multi-state online education and training pilot project.
University of Wisconsin Robert Kaleta Support to expand their online programs for local populations.
University of Massachusetts Foundation, Inc. Jacqueline Moloney Support to create and augment online course and program offerings for the Massachusetts local area.
Pace University David Sachs Support to expand their Computer Science and Information Systems courses and degrees delivered online for metropolitan New York local learners.
State University of New York at Albany Peter Shea Support to develop and implement education with enhanced online content for teachers in New York's Capital District.
Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering John Bourne Support for 8th Annual Sloan-C summer workshop.