Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Census of Marine Life

Recent grants in this program include:

Organization NameProject DirectorProject Title
Memorial University of Newfoundland Paul Snelgrove To conduct activities integrating and summarizing findings from all component programs of the Census of Marine Life.
Louisiana State University Robert S. Carney To further the explorations and conduct the synthesis phase of the continental margins project of the Census of Marine Life.
Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) Edward Urban To help the Census of Marine Life synthesize and disseminate its technological achievements and to share lessons of the Census with other major international ocean research programs.
Consortium For Ocean Leadership, Inc. Robert Gagosian To operate the International Secretariat and Steering Committee in support of the final phase of the Census of Marine Life.
Duke University Patrick N. Halpin To implement consistent and effective mapping and visualization across the Census of Marine Life.