Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Industry Studies

Recent grants in this program include:

Organization NameProject DirectorProject Title
Carnegie Mellon University Lester B. Lave Support for a final three years of the Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cynthia Barnhart To renew support for a final three years of the Global Airline Industry Center.
Carnegie Mellon University James D. Herbsleb Renewal support for Sloan Software Industry Center.
Columbia University Eli Noam Final grant support for the Sloan Telecommunications Industry Center.
National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc. Kathryn L. Shaw Support to develop understanding of productivity differences between the U.S. and Europe by combining cross-country industry analysis with in-depth field studies of firms.
Georgia Tech Research Corporation Patrick S. McCarthy Support for a final three years of the Center for Paper Business and Industry Studies.
University of California, San Diego Roger Bohn Final support for Information Storage Industry Center.