Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Professional Science Master's Degree


The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation’s Professional Science Masters (PSM) program was founded in 1997 to establish a new type of master's degree in the sciences that equipped people for work outside academia. 

The Foundation recognized that the existing path to a doctorate degree might not be the best for many science-trained professionals, given the long period of study required, the low rate of completion and the difficult labor market.

Over more than a decade, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation has funded more than 50 universities in the establishment of more than 100 degree programs. In 2005 the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) was funded to be an institutional base for PSM growth, with the goal of making the degree a normal, recognized, widely accepted academic offering. 

The Foundation has also provided grants to improve data on science graduate education at the master’s level, engage minority-serving institutions in PSM initiatives, support outreach efforts, create statewide PSM initiatives in the large state university systems, and bring the PSM initiative to the attention of state legislatures and governors’ advisors on workforce and economic development.

Program Director:
Elizabeth S. Boylan Bio