Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Workplace, Workforce, and Working Families

In this program, the Foundation makes grants that seek to enhance scholarly, business, and public understanding of the challenges facing today’s working families and to identify how the workplace can be restructured to meet employees’ work-family needs, as well as employers’ performance needs. The program makes grants in four broad areas:

Basic Research:   The Foundation funds innovative, high quality research on the challenges facing today’s working families, as well as the efficacy of business and policy responses to these challenges. It also promotes the early career development of work-family scholars.

Faculty Career Flexibility in the Academy: The Foundation partners with the American Council on Education to administer the Alfred P. Sloan Awards for Faculty Career Flexibility, intended to recognize colleges and universities for their leadership and accomplishments in implementing flexibility for their tenured and tenure-track faculty. Each winner receives award monies in the form of accelerator grants.

The National Workplace Flexibility Initiative:
 This Initiative is a collaborative effort whose overarching goal is to make grants to promote workplace flexibility as a compelling national issue, which will serve as an essential step to reaching our long term goal of making workplace flexibility the standard way of working in the U.S.

Aging and Flexible Work:
 The Foundation funds original, high-quality research on America's aging work force and issues facing older workers.

Program Director:
Kathleen Christensen Bio