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National Workplace Flexibility Initiative

Started in 2003, this collaborative effort is designed to shape workplace flexibility as a compelling national issue - providing an essential step toward the long-term goal of making workplace flexibility the standard way of working in America. The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation has articulated three complementary strategies:

  • Increase public understanding of workplace flexibility through the news media,while reframing the discussion about flexibility as a strategic business tool rather than as a personal favor or employee accommodation.
  • Increase voluntary private sector efforts to implement workplace flexibility without jeopardy to employees through the use of quality research and a local awards program that is partnered with chambers of commerce.
  • Create a climate in Washington, D.C. whereby members of Congress will assume responsibility for pursuing viable, bipartisan, workplace flexibility policy ideas.

To increase voluntary employer efforts,the Foundation has supported research examining the impact of workplace flexibility as a strategic business tool. The results of this research, as well as case studies, are available from:

The Sloan National Workplace Flexiblity Initiative is committed to the principle that workplace flexibility must be good for both the employee and the employer. To further communicate the benefits of workplace flexibility to employees, the Labor Project for Working Families has released FLEX PACK, which provides fact sheets on current union practices regarding workplace flexibility.

While the national initiative is effectively communicating the value of flexibility within the private sector and among employees, Georgetown University’s Workplace Flexibility 2010, in collaboration with the New America Foundation, is working strategically to create a climate in Washington, D.C. whereby members of Congress will assume responsibility for pursuing viable, bipartisan workplace flexibility policy ideas.

Program Director:
Kathleen Christensen Bio