Alfred P. Sloan Foundation


Recent grants in this program include:

Organization NameProject DirectorProject Title
National Academy of Sciences Anne-Marie Mazza To support an international symposium to explore the opportunities and challenges posed by the emerging field of synthetic biology.
ICPO-INTERPOL Ronald Kenneth Noble To provide renewed support for the development of Interpol's capacity to counter bioterrorism by raising awareness, developing police training programs and strengthening law enforcement.
World Health Organization Ottorino Cosivi To prevent bioterrorism by raising awareness of the potential for misuse of biotechnology research.
National Academy of Sciences Jo L. Husbands To engage and survey the scientific community on biosecurity issues.
University System of Maryland Foundation, Inc. John D. Steinbruner To support further development of an institutional framework to prevent deliberate or inadvertent use of biological pathogens for destructive purposes.
University of Exeter Brian Rappert To renew support for efforts to raise awareness in the bioscience community about issues of dual-use research
International Council for the Life Sciences Terence Taylor To provide partial support for Biosafety and Biosecurity International Conference (BBIC) 2009
National Academy of Sciences Jo L. Husbands To engage the international scientific community on Biosecurity issues.
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Tara O'Toole To renew support for the Center for Biosecurity.

Program Director:
Paula Olsiewski Bio