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Researchers Converge on London for Release of Global Census of Marine Life

More than 300 marine scientists from all over the globe converged in London, England on October 4-7, 2010 for the official release of the first Census of Marine Life.  The week's events mark the finale of the Census, a ten-year, $650 million scientific endeavor involving over 2700 scientists from more than 80 nations who worked collaboratively to catalog the diversity, distribution, and abundance of life in the world's oceans. 

The release of the Census's findings represent the synthesis of a vast amount of scholarship.  Over the past ten years, Census researchers have gone on more than 540 research expeditions; spent 9,000 days at sea; obtained, cataloged, and archived nearly 6.4 million observations of marine species; and published more than 2,600 academic papers—about one every 1.5 days.  The result is a picture of life beneath the sea unprecedented in its breadth and detail.