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All nomination materials for the Sloan Research Fellowships must be uploaded electronically through and submitted no later than 11:59PM EDT, September 15, 2015.

Interfolio Instructions (Be sure to read our detailed walk-thru of how to use the Interfolio system)

  • Go to the appropriate Interfolio page via one of the links below.
  • If you already have an Interfolio account, login to Interfolio.  If you don’t have an account, please create one.  (There is no charge to create an account.)
  • A complete nomination for a Sloan Research Fellowship involves two types of documents:
  1. Documents the candidate must supply his or herself.  (e.g. the CV/publication list, personal research statement, and two representative articles by the candidate.)
  2. Documents that must be supplied on behalf of the candidate by another party.  (e.g. nomination letter, the three letters of support.) 

Note:  Interfolio handles these two types of documents differently

  • For documents the candidate must supply his or herself (CV, research statement, two research papers), the candidate uploads them directly through Interfolio.  In addition, some basic information (name, educational history, etc.) must also be entered by the candidate.  You do not have to do this all at once.  Interfolio will save your work if you upload some, but not all, of the required documents or fill out some, but not all, of the required form fields.     
  • For documents that must be supplied by another party (nomination letter, letters of support), the candidate provides the names and email addresses of the persons who will be supplying these documents.  The Interfolio system then emails these persons with a request for the documents and instructions for how to upload them.  The writers of letters of support will have to login or sign up for an Interfolio account to upload their documents.  (It’s free.)  Note:  To ensure confidentiality, candidates may not upload nomination letters or letters of support directly.  Letter writers must upload their letters themselves.  The Interfolio system will allow a candidate to check the status of requested letters of support, allowing him or her to see whether a letter has been submitted on his or her behalf.  (It won’t let a candidate read the letter, however.)

Once all documents have been uploaded, the candidate submits the completed package.  Please note that uploaded documents, including letters of nomination and letters of support, are not automatically submitted to the Sloan Foundation for consideration.   Candidates must initiate a submission process through Interfolio.  Completed applications must be submitted no later than September 15, 2015.  The Foundation strongly encourages candidates to begin well in advance of the September 15 deadline to allow letter writers and nominators sufficient time to compose and upload their letters.

Note to department administrators:  The Interfolio system is designed under the assumption that candidates for the Sloan Research Fellowships will be using the system themselves.  Administrators who are collecting documents and submitting nominations on behalf of a faculty member should set up Interfolio accounts as if they were the nominated candidate.

To begin the nomination process, please click on the appropriate discipline for which you will be seeking a Sloan Research Fellowship.


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