Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Sloan Research Fellowships are awarded for a two-year period; if unexpended funds remain at the end of two years, an extension of the termination date may be obtained. Extensions are limited to a maximum of two years. Funds remaining at the end of that period must be returned to the Foundation.

If a Fellow transfers to another eligible institution during the term of the Fellowship, the Foundation will transfer unexpended funds to the new institution.

The size of the award is $60,000 for the two-year period.

Funds are awarded directly to the Fellow's institution and may be used by the Fellow for such purposes as equipment, technical assistance, professional travel, trainee support, summer salary, or any other activity directly related to the Fellow's research.  If used for summer salary, support is limited to a maximum of two-ninths of established academic salary.  This summer research period is to be regarded as two full months.

Funds may not be used to augment an existing full-time salary or for indirect or overhead charges by the Fellow’s institution. Expenditures must be approved by the Fellow's department chair and must be in accord with the expenditure policies of the Fellow's institution.